Welcome to The DuMond Enterprise!

DuMond Farms LLC, DuMond Ag. LLC, DuMond Grain LLC, and DuMond Trucking LLC and are all headquartered in Union Springs, NY.

Proudly serving its local community since 1980. 

DuMond Farms, LLC was created as a landowner, while DuMond Ag. LLC produces high-quality Non-GMO corn, soybeans and wheat. DuMond Grain, LLC turns the commodities into products and has expanded to offer GMO and Non-GMO cornmeal and roasted soybean meal as well as wheat.  DuMond Trucking has grown and will continue to grow to meet the demand on deliveries. 


DuMond Agriculture is a crop production entity operating approximately 5,000 acres of farmland primarily in Cayuga County.

Environmental Stewardship

 DuMond Ag. makes conscious strides to protect and preserve the farmland that we work with.


DuMond Grain offers holistic crop management and high-quality processing for our yearly production of wheat, corn, and soybeans.

Contact Information

Todd DuMond
DuMond Farms Owner & Operator
Phone: (315) 729-4932
Email: todd@dumondfarms.com
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