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Du Mond Grain, LLC has undergone significant changes throughout the past few years. We have introduced corn grinding in 2015 and have implemented state of the art technology in order to be able to provide both Non-GMO and GMO products to our valued customers.

"Through Communication We Find Efficiencies" - Justin Wayne

A bit about our products: We test all commodities upon arrival. Through tracking the purity of the corn and soybeans throughout the process, it ensures the finished product is purely composed of the original commodity. We try to work with our customers on a continual basis to ensure we are providing a high-quality product along with high-quality service.

                                                     Information about Extruded Soy Meal and Soy Oil Coming Soon!!


Here at Du Mond Grain, LLC we process our cornmeal using an impact grinding method. The raw corn is circulated through a hammer mill and screened to yield cornmeal with a longer shelf life and consistent grind size. 

The corn grinder at Du Mond Grain is a vertical type grinder that is self-cleaned using gravity to ensure a clean and pure product. Each delivery will be accompanied by a detailed list of product information for the consumer which includes intrinsic properties of the processed cornmeal.

Additionally, Du Mond Grain, LLC is currently working to create an algorithm for cornmeal processing that will allow us to determine the starch availability in each meal sample.

Du Mond Grain grinds overnight, 7 nights a week throughout the year. The amount of corn ground is dependent on the demand for the next day(s). We work hard to be as efficient and effective as possible

For more information on our corneal processing, please contact us at (315) 252-9191. 

Roasted Soybeans

Historically, the main drawback to soybean processing has been the inconsistency in roasting. At Du Mond Grain, LLC we recognize the small margin of error that comes with roasting soybeans and have worked to overcome the challenge.

Our approach ensures that the roasting is done properly and efficiently. We store the soybeans in our own facilities and condition them consistently. Consistency put into the roaster yields consistency out of the roaster.

The soybeans are placed in the roaster for ninety minutes. They are continuously mixed and agitated, in order to guarantee even heat exposure. The beans are steeped and then ground. Using intricate temperature and process controls, we are then able to reach the optimal protein dispersibility index (PDI) in the soybean meal. 

Du Mond Grain roasts soybeans 24 hours a day 7 days a week throughout the year. By roasting 24/7, we are able to be more efficient and productive on a daily basis.

For more information on our Roasted Soybean meal, please contact us at (315) 252-9191. 


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