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Soybean Disease Education

Soybean Disease Education (continued)

Name Change!

ProMax™ Loading! (continued)

Another Bin!?

Another bin? (continued)

Working in the Shop!

Our Shop is Coming Along! (continued)

Safety Award!

We received the NYS Ag Society's Farm Safety Award! (continued)

First Aide Safety Meeting

First Aide (continued)

Bin Safety

Bin Safety Meeting (continued)

Christmas Party!

Du Mond Farms' Christmas Party (continued)

Our Scales are Certified!

Our Scales are Certified!         (continued)

Benefits for Our Team

Our Team will be Offered Benefits in 2020! (continued)

Harvest is Finished!

The 2019 Harvest is complete -- just in time for Thanksgiving! (continued)

New Scale Construction

Another Scale House! (continued)

Corn Harvest is Under Way!

2019 Corn Harvest!        (continued)

Dr. Van Amburgh Visits the Farm!

Dr. Michael Van Amburgh Visits the Farm! (continued)

Firefighter Training!

Firefighters Use the Farm for Training! (continued)

Assemblywoman Visits the Farm!

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo Paid Us a Visit! (continued)

Donuts for the Staff!

Training on this Rainy Day! (continued)

Sunrise at the Grain Facility

Good morning from the Grain Facility! (continued)

Ribbon Cutting on the New Grain Facility

Our new grain facility is officially up and running! (continued)

First Soy Cake!

We have soy cake! (continued)

The New Shop Has a Floor!

We have a new shop floor!  (continued)

Today is the Day

We are starting up the new plant this week! (continued)

New York Banker Association Tour

We have another tour of our new facility - this time it was bankers!  (continued)

Safety Meeting with New Uniforms

 We have Safety meetings every Monday!!! (continued)

Strawberry Pie

We are so lucky to have our Bakery Owner in our Tribe - she brought in Strawberry Pie and Biscuits! YUM!  (continued)

Finished Planting

Yes, Du Mond Ag, LLC went on our after planting lunch on July 1, 2019!!! (continued)

Terrific Team

We have a terrific team – Full-Time and Part-Time


Hardworking Farmers

Hard working Farmers!! IMPRESSIVE!!


Challenges with the wet weather

Wow, that is a tractor stuck in 8 feet of mud!?! Yes it is!!

We have had a lot of rain this season as we have found some of the very wet patches!! (continued)

Lights, Camera, Action at Du Mond's

Cayuga Economic Development Agency (CEDA) Du Mond Grain to makea movie!


Meeting in the Planter

A perc of working in Ag – Meetings in the Planter!


FIT Tests take 2

We had our 2nd FIT test of the year today!! (continued)

Lunch, GO-Carts and Having a BLAST!!!

We have a great team that works hard and has a blast at our company outings!! (continued)

Construction Updates!

Check out the progress being made on the plant! (continued)

Join the DuMond Team!

We are Hiring!


The members of the team at DuMond are each highly valued for their unique abilities and how they contribute to the larger team.  Managers value the skill sets of every team member and each team members ideas are considered.  Being part of the team at DuMond is exciting, each business uses technology and innovation to create efficiencies.  


Families on the Farm

As long as it is safe, families are welcome to stop by for a visit, tractor ride or maybe even put in some work!


The transformers were delivered!

Not Transformers that we played with as children or our children are playing with now - but the transformers that keep the energy reliable and without glitches so that our Soybean Processing Facility will run smoothly.  (continued)

We are in the Progress 2019 section!!

Recognition for our innovation and progressive thinking.  (continued)

Post Harvest Lunch

We have not been procrastinating post-harvest lunch, we only just finished harvesting the 2018 crop!! (continued)

We received our Special Use Permit From the Town of Fleming!!

We are excited to announce that we received our Special Use Permit, to build the Soybean Processing Facility, from the Town of Fleming last night!  (continued)

Working on the Special Use Permit

We are working hard, for almost 1 year,  to do everything required for the Special Use Permit - so we thought we would share what we are doing.  (continued)

Our Annual Holiday Party!!

From Du Mond Enterprises to you and your loved ones - Happy Holidays!!! (continued)

New Changes

        There has been continuous construction on the farm for the past few months. We are working every day, in hopes that the building and structures built will eventually aid in moving the soybean processing plant project forward and expand our shop to compensate for an increasing capacity and need for space.

Non-GMO Verification

DuMond Grain is excited to announce Non-GMO verification for two products: Non-GMO Cornmeal and Non-GMO Roasted Soybean Meal as feed. We have worked for months to ensure our operations are compliant with the Non-GMO Project Standards. (continued)

Harvest 2018

Our Harvest season has begun in 2018! 

Over the next several weeks we will be constantly combining; harvesting corn and soybeans. Here, you see a collection of pictures including our grain buggy, tractor, and combine. We are thankful for our employees and their families for their hard work and understanding during this busy time of the year! 

Once harvested the commodities are brought back to our farm, tested for quality assurance, dried if necessary, and placed in one of our many storage bins to await processing. 

Knee high by the 4th of July?

As the old saying goes, for a high yielding harvest, your corn should be "knee high by the fourth of July". This is not quite the case anymore...   (continued)

Energy Conservation

Here at DuMond Farms we are continuously striving to be leading stewards of the land. We are eager to test and implement new technology that proves to be environmentally sustainable.

One innovative approach we are taking part in is the use of our new vertical wind turbine. The turbine is new technology brought from Poland and can utilize a wind speed as low as 5mph all the way up to 135mph. Check out this link for more information!

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