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Clean Water from tiles
I think in this case the picture speaks for itself...look at the clean water pouring out of the tile!!  Todd Du Mond the owner of Du Mond Farms and Tim Foster, the Ag Operations Manager. Understand that soil is water's best filter for water - so they invest in putting in tile every year. This year Tim and his team put in 40 miles of tile!!!


If you are interested to read an article about how soil cleans water, I found one for you, "Want clean water? Filter with Soil." In the article it states, "Soil is the planet’s biggest water filter. When water passes through soil, it is cleaned via physical, chemical and biological processes.   

In addition to soil’s physical filtration capacity, soil contains important biota that helps transform and decompose certain chemicals and other contaminants from soil, thus helping filter them out of the water." Enjoy!! 

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