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Why are we Essential?
Du Mond Farms is considered an essential business, and has been able to keep up production, and more importantly, provide work for our Team Members during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we often say, "the cows still have to eat!" We have kept up feed production and delivery while NYS has been on pause, and are thankful to all of our customers who have been compliant with our adjustments and social distancing policy during this time. 

So...why exactly is Du Mond Farms essential? 

We grow an immense amount of crops across 6,000 acres, moving most of the grain we process in and out of our facility with our own trucks. With the feed we produce from the crops we and our neighbors grow, we feed over 89,000 cows daily. The 89,000 cows we feed each day produce enough calories to feed over 1,099,266 Americana a 2,000 calorie diet every day! We are essential because we are the root of the American food supply chain, and are directly responsible for feeding approximately 1.1 million Americans daily!

Our Team is proud of all we accomplish on a daily basis, and are grateful to be considered an essential business for the United States of America!

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