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Non-GMO ProMax™!!!
We are officially producing Non-GMO ProMax™! This huge milestone has been a while in the making. Our Operations Manager, Justin Wayne, and our Team have been working tirelessly to prepare our Soybean Extrusion Plant to make the switch from GMO to Non-GMO ProMax™ production. The switch between GMO and Non-GMO production includes a facility-wide purge. After GMO production ceases, a specific amount of Non-GMO soybeans are sent through the plant to clean any contamination out of the system, which prepares the plant for Non-GMO production. After the initial batch of Non-GMO beans are sent through the system, we are ready to produce Non-GMO ProMax™! 

Reach out to us today at (315) 252 - 9191 if you're interested in ordering some of our incredible Non-GMO (or GMO) ProMax

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