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Non-GMO Verification
We are always looking at ways to differentiate ourselves, improve our services and products. We thrive to grow our business while advancing environmental stewardship and pushing the agricultural industry forward. Over the past year, DuMond Grain has worked to prove compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standards. 
Upon arrival, 
all inbound commodities are strip tested in accordance with the standard. We have developed standard operating procedures for all steps within the process, and have built a state-of-the-art PLC automation system to control our grain handling, segregation, storage, and processing, to eliminate the risk of human error.  This ensures proper segregations between our GMO and Non-GMO commodities and products. The SOPs in place are complemented with ongoing staff training. There is an accurate tracking pathway available for all products. Our customers receive delivery tickets and invoices for traceability purposes.  

DuMond Grain, LLC would like to officially announce the verification of Non-GMO Cornmeal and Non-GMO Roasted Soybean Meal! 

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