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Challenges with the wet weather

As everyone knows this spring has been VERY wet and rainy. For a non-farmer, it is annoying that you can’t be outside. To a farmer it means no planting, which can hurt the amount of crop that is grown. 


So, this weekend, after a few days of sunshine and warmth,our farmers went out to plant – knowing that they would most likely only be able to plant ~80% of a field due to low patches in the field, which are still wet. 


Other challenges when it is a wet season is that some of the wet patches are very deep and BIG, and tractors can get stuck in the mud.


The good news is, we do have a terrific team, therefore, we were able to get our brand-new tractor out of the mud, with very little damage!!


Hopefully, we are done with getting equipment stuck in the mud for 2019!!


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