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Planting started 4/27/21!!
Last week on Tuesday and into Wednesday, the larger planter ran for about for 36 hours straight (except to stop for fueling and reseeding). Todd Du Mond and Tim Foster where switching on and off! The 8320RT planting tractor ran for 38 hours – did not stop except to fill with seed and fertilizer. That tractor was running with the a tag team, Monte running days, Jacob ran evenings, Tim Foster ran early mornings while Todd was running the planter.


In one 38 hour, "day" or stretch 1150 acres where planted, which is the most planted at once!! 

The team was not sure they were going to be able to plant on Tuesday, because, as of Monday night, the team was not sure they were going to be able to plant because the under carriage of the planter broke, Ben, Tim F and Todd, decided to fix it, at 8:00 PM, therefore, finishing at about 11:00 PM, so it would be ready for Tuesday! 

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