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New Protective Measures
As of today, April 7th, Todd has made the call to require all Du Mond employees to wear masks, safety goggles, and brimmed hats while working on the farm. This is another effort by Todd to keep the farm ahead of the game in terms of protecting our Team Members while at work. We are very thankful to a few of our farm ladies, Marge Du Mond, Tasha Foster, and Laura Waldron, for making 90 masks to protect our employees! These three women have worked very hard to help keep our Team Members safe between scouring for supplies and making the masks. To start, each Team Member received two masks and instructions on how properly wear, use, and wash them. Along with masks, Team Members must also wear safety glasses and brimmed hats to keep them further distance and protect themselves from exposure. Todd also requires a full face respirator to be worn when more than one person is sitting in a tractor (i.e. for training purposes). 

In conjunction with social distancing, wearing face masks and safety goggles is another way Todd is working to keep the farm running as a reliable essential business during these uncertain times. 
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