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**New Social Distancing Policy**
Please read the following statement from Todd for information about our new Social Distancing Policy during these unusual times...

COVID-19 is here and spreadingfast. According to the CDC and leading US scientists, the best and only way tocontrol the spread and minimize casualties is diligent social distancing. Thespreading of COVID-19 is exponential (Figure 1), and is projected to overwhelmour healthcare system, causing unnecessary deaths due to the lack of availablemedical attention. It is my opinion that it is our social responsibilityto do our part to minimize the spread and effects of COVID-19. 



Figure 2 shows how slowing thespread of COVID-19 can allow our healthcare system to “keep up,” thusminimizing the death toll related to the disease.



Please click on the followinglink and read the article, as it has some great visuals and provides extrainformation about the important of social distancing and proactive measures:


Whyoutbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve”


All Du Mond businesses mustremain operational throughout the life of COVID-19, as we must continue to feedthe cows, plant our crops, and continue providing for all  “farm families.”  All efforts should befocused on necessary projectes and work, consequently, other projects will bepushed to the side for now. Du Mond business are working to be proactive withthe goal of keeping all farm families safe and healthy, while maintainingoperations. The policies outlined below are fluid and will only beeffective if the lines of communication are kept open and all team members dotheir part. Some daily operations may be ‘out of the norm,’ and team membersmay be subject to different parameters and timelines than normal.


A note from Todd:

We need to unite not only asfarm team, but as a society, to minimize the effects ofCOVID-19. Please do whatever you can to help move through these times assmoothly as possible, and feel free to reach out to me personally at any pointwith any questions or concerns you may have; I will do my best to get you theanswers you need. My contact information can be found at the end of this policyfor anyone who may not already have it.


COVID-19 Social DistancingPolicies, effective immediately for all Du Mond businesses.

·      No non-essential travel: Travelsignificantly increases your personal risk of infection and the risk ofinfecting others. If you choose to travel, you will be restricted fromreturning to work for a minimum of 2 weeks.

·      Please notify Todd Du Mond ifyou feel that you may have been exposed to COVID-19 and or have a family memberwho works in healthcare or another high exposure industry causing concern aboutyour exposure. Todd and your respective managers will work independentlywith you to make sure appropriate, extra precautions are taken.

·      Please notify Todd if you areconcerned you or any of your family are considered “high risk” (elderly orpulmonary compromised individuals). Todd and you respective managers willwork independently with you to make sure appropriate, extra precautions aretaken.

·      All team members, except grainoperations staff working primarily in the plant, must punch in and out via theTimeclock Wizard phone app. If you don’t have the app, please contact HRabout other options (paper logs emailed or texted weekly to HR).

·      Separate breaks; one person ata time in break rooms.

·      Restroom policy: Leave the fanon at all times, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, use papertowels to dry your hands, turn off the water and leave the door open when youleave.

·      No joint lunch

·      Use phone communication withmanagers for daily task; no morning meetings until further notice.

·      Go directly to daily project.

·      Biweekly breakfasts are on holdfor the time being.

·      10’ circle of personal space;stay separated from each other as much as possible.

·      Person to person communicationshould occur over the phone whenever possible. If direct contact is necessary,it should take place outdoors whenever possible. There is better air movementoutside, therefor lower chances of passing germs.

·      When operating with multiplepeople in a vehicle, keep windows cracked to maintain airflow.

·      No team/safety meetings untilfurther notice.

·      No in-person meetings withoutside vendors.

·      Whenever possible, attemptsshould be made to eliminate outside vendors stopping by the farm.

·      All receipts must be submittedelectronically via text message or email.

·      All efforts must be made tominimize in-person interviewing in favor of remote interviews (phone calls,video chats, etc.).

·      Focus on required work only forplanting, feed production, and deliveries.

·      From managers: compile a listof must have/mandatory projects.

·      Split the Shop into sections,N/S or E/W to stay separated.

·      Enter offices from outsidedoors as often as possible.

·      Utilize group texts for teamcommunication; no in-person group meetings until further notice.

·      Work from home as much aspossible/alternate who is in the office.

·      We will work on some sort of“buddy system” where 2 team members will be partnered for the duration of ourSocial Distancing Policy, if necessary, to safely and effectively perform mandatorywork duties. 

·      Wipe down surfaces with thedisinfectant wipes or chlorine mixture whenever you finish a shift or leave apiece of equipment.

·      In the case of emergency wherea fellow employee may be injured or unable to remove themselves from adangerous situation, it is acceptable to violate the 10’ rule and assist themin traditional means.

·      All emergency protocols and outdoormeeting places remain the same, and please keep reasonable spacing between eachother if this become necessary.



·      Pull kids out of school/daycare(already done by Cayuga County).

·      Avoid contact outside of immediatefamily as much as possible.

·      Avoid large gatherings wheneverpossible.

·      Take advantage of curb-sidegrocery pickup or grocery delivery services.

·      Don’t go out for dinner/anymeals.

·      Sit in the back at Church orlisten to web broadcasting.

·      Minimize interactions as muchas possible; we all must work selflessly to control COVID-19.

·      Do not shake hands or embraceothers.



·      No driver entry into gradingroom while the Shipping and Receivng Clerk is on duty (7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.).

·      Drivers will be required tosweep and maintain scales themselves as to not interface with the Shipping andReceiving Clerk.

·      Drivers will be required tosign tickets through the window on the south scale; we will be moving away fromphysical signing shortly.

·      The Shipping and ReceivingClerk will electronically send tickets to the Financial Administrator forprocessing and to the customer or supplier.

·      Ideally by the end of the week,Du Mond Farms will be fully electronic with our customers.

o   A customer email will be sent out to outline this SocialDistancing Policy and our efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

·      Drivers are not to interfacewith customers (10’ rule).


Grain specific:

·      Janitors and Service & Opswill not “cross” shifts.

o   For example, 2nd shift team members should arriveprior to 2:00 and wait in their car until 1st shift team membersleave, then enter the Soybean Plant. Communicate via phone calls to catch eachother up on details and events during the previous shift.

·      Only one operator should bepresent when possible; we may face stress due to school/daycare closings and24/7 operation.



·      The implementation of AGRIS hasbeen put on hold.

·      The installation and testing ofthe 4T/hr processing line has been put on hold.

·      A.N. Martin’s work will belimited to what we feel is necessary.

o   They will not entering the Plant or other operational facilities,will communicating via cellphone, will be required to honoring the 10’ personalspace requirement.

·      Saxton electricians will remainon site and will be held to similar social distancing policies and standards.


Du Mond Farms will becommunicating all policies with all customers and vendors and expect them tohonor the request for social distancing. This will be primarily focusedaround truck drivers. If any team member(s) is/are having issues withoutside personnel, please contact your Todd or your direct manager to rectifythe situation.


Todd Du Mond, Owner


Office: (315) 252 – 9191

Mobile: (315) 729 - 4932

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