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Soil Temperatures Correct for Planting

Our warm sunny days and cool nights created terrific soil temperature to plant. Tim Foster has lead the charge, at Du Mond Ag, in understanding the science that the reasoning behind this logic.  Interestingly, soil temperature is important for optimal crop growth, because if the soil is not warm enough then the seeds will lay dormant and are susceptible to disease and animal and insects predators. 

Furthermore, the optimal temperature for corn is different to the optimal temperature for soybeans, so understanding the temperature helps to understand when and what to plant. 


On Tuesday, 4/27/21, Tim and Todd decided it was time to start planting as the weather and soil temperatures looked correct! 

This knowledge, perspective and precisions is another way that we at Du Mond Ag, LLC are going things differently. We are also asking how we can know more, challenge the status-quo and get better results.


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