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Sold Out of ProMax!!

Today we hit a milestone; we sold out of our ProMax!

ProMax is a mechanically extruded soymeal feed with high protein, strong digestibility, and bypass. Cows and their nutritionists love it! We started making ProMax in 2019 (at that time, it was ExPress Meal) at 4T/hour (operating 24/7) in Q4 2020; we doubled our production in Q3 2020.

Creating a mechanically extruded, solvent-free, soymeal product interested Todd Du Mond, the Managing Partner, for 15 years, but the timing was never correct. After many conversations with the local nutritionist, Todd understood what he needed. Then he figured out how he could make a product that the cows, nutritionists, and dairy farmers would love.

Todd and the team at Du Mond are always looking to strengthen NY Agriculture, which drives us to continually advance our businesses for ourselves, our community, and the industry.  

This is a picture of our ProMax Plant at sunset on 2/17/21.



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