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Spreading Potash
Starting on Saturday, our Ag team spread 1999 acres with 170 tons of Potash (potassium fertilizer 60 - 62% concentration dry fertilizer). In the last 30 hours they spread 135 tons on 1468 acres. They worked in a relay format and had very little down time!! 

The weather was perfect, it was cold and the land was frozen so the team was able to stay on top of the soil and not sink into it, which allowed for minimal to no compaction. They spread in the early spring instead of fall to minimize the environmental impact. By applying it in the spring just as the soil warms up allows the fertilizer to dissolve in the soil and not runoff. Applying in the fall or on snow in the winter would increase the chance of runoff. 

What is Potash?
Potash is a potassium fertilizer (60 - 62% concentration dry fertilizer)

Why do we use it? 
Potassium (K) is an essential plant nutrient that is often missing from the soil in our fields. Insufficient K supply in the soil frequently limits crop growth and quality. Therefore, by putting Potash on our fields we are enabling for healthy growth in our crops. 

I know a ton is a lot, but how big or how much is 170 or 135 tons?
Well a ton is ~2000 lbs and a Blue Whale has an average size of 140 Tons. A blue whale is the largest animal on earth, bigger than an African elephant.


How much land is 1999 acres? 
To help visualize how much land it is - it is the same amount of space as 5,997 737 airplanes would take up.  That is a LOT of land!


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