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Tiling the Feild
When you hear farmer talking about tiling a field, they do not mean that they are choosing a nice ceramic tile to put over the field. What they mean is that they are putting pipes under a field so that the extra water can flow through the tubes and not sit on the fields.

Why is tiling positive? It is beneficial for the environment because:
1. Clean water is flushed away from the fields, rather then having the dirty water come off of the fields.
2. The top soil stays on the fields instead of going into the ditches and lakes (keeping the rivers and lakes cleaner).
3. The field can be better utilized for growing food for humans and animals, which allows all of us to eat!! YUM! 

At Du Mond, we are environment stewards and tiling is important for our environment and business. In 2020, our Ag team laid ~ 200,000 feet of tile that is more then 40 miles of tile!!! That is Impressive!! GO TEAM!

This is a picture of a field that has been titled - it looks great!! You can see the "main line" the large "vein" that runs from the top to the bottom of the picture. The smaller "veins" are off shoots and the water can flow through them all. 


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