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Working on the Special Use Permit
First of all - What is a Special Use Permit? 
"A permit provided by the Town Board for a use requiring review, for uses that are not permitted in a district as-of-right but are listed as requiring a special use permit."

What are the requirements? 

"General Requirements and Standards Applicable to all special use permits.

The Town Board shall grant a special use permit when it finds adequate evidence that any proposed use submitted for a special use permit will meet all of the following general requirements as well as any specific requirements and standards listed for the proposed use under this Article.

The Board shall among other things require that any proposed use and location be:

a. In the best interests of the Town, the convenience of the community, the public welfare, and that it be a substantial improvement to property in the immediate vicinity.

b. Suitable for the property in question, and designed, constructed, operated and maintained so as to be in harmony with and appropriate in appearance with the existing or intended character of the general vicinity.

c. In conformance with all applicable requirements of this Law.

d. Suitable in terms of effects on street or highway traffic and safety with adequate access arrangements to protect major streets from undue congestion and hazard."

What does this mean for Du Mond Grain, LLC? 

We have had constructive meetings, answering questions, asking questions and finding the answers. We have written an SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure) for the Soy oil and we have written and had our Environmental Impact Statement presented to the Board of Directors. We have had traffic studies completed and site plans built. We have worked with our neighbors and other stakeholders to get their support and we have presented and represented our plans to the Town of Fleming Planning Board. 

Next week, after our public hearing, we will know if all of this hard work will pay off!! We are hopeful and look forward to bringing a Soybean Extrusion Facility, jobs, and tax revenue to the Town of Fleming. 

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