Cover Crop Seed Sales
Cover Crop Seed Sales

Du Mond Ag. believes that cover crops play an instrumental role in protecting our environment and watershed while simultaneously improving our soil health and crop productivity.

In 2015, Du Mond Ag. became a Center Seed dealer with hopes of bringing advanced knowledge of cover crops to the region. Through Center Seed, Dumond Ag. is able to provide almost any cover crop seed blend that your farm may need.

Du Mond Ag. also offers bulk-cleaned wheat and rye as well as additional small grains. Each of these cover crop products will be cleaned with a nomadic cleaner, making it easy to plant them through a drill or broadcast with a spreader.

Du Mond Ag. is now entering its fifth year of using polyculture cover crops. We are excited to report that we are already seeing significant changes in our soil structure, which we believes carries over to our soil health as well. We have collected baseline soil health samples and will be continually monitoring our progress in an effort to better understand how to optimize our use of cover crops.

If you are interested in purchasing cover crops from Du Mond Ag., please contact us for availability and pricing:

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